SQL Server Express

SQL Server Express can be an excellent option for those users who are seeking the utility and power of a relational database with all the features but with limited performance requirements. This is essentially a compact version of the full-fledged enterprise edition and comes free of charge. Thus, it is perfect for those users who require such database software for developing and testing various applications on their desktops or require implementations of a very limited nature. It has certain performance related limitations but not for web and small server applications where it mostly find use.

Users who are trying to learn about the way the database software work can install SQL Server Express on their desktop to achieve a perfect testing environment. Other than developing and testing various small applications, users can also use this software for redistribution purposes by ISVs. Apart from the developmental aspects of this software, users can also use it for storing almost all kinds of business data for developing an efficient database. The software provides native support for data in various formats including FILESTREAM, XML, and spatial data.

The SQL Server Express provides efficient integration with the Microsoft Office System for added convenience to the users. The user interface provides for better visualizations that can be quite helpful for the new users. This database software provides for efficient integration with the Visual Studio and Visual Web Developer for greater usability. It runs perfectly on computers with Windows XP, 7 and 8 operating systems. Thus, users looking to create a learning environment for understanding the working and efficient management of databases can benefit from the use of this software.



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