Spyrix Free Keylogger

Spyrix Free Keylogger is an application designed for people that deliberately want to install a keylogging tool into their computers. This type of program is not intended to be used in harmful ways, but it can provide a quick insight of how a business works. In a business, installing such keyloggers onto computers and preferably, informing the employees about this procedure, can drastically increase the productivity. This way, it is easier to increase the productivity as people will not slack off too much. Basically, in its best form, the tool is used to provide information about what is done while staying on a computer.

The application can run in the background and it will consume a very low amount of resources, as its only ongoing process requires the creation of log files with requested information. This information can be stored locally, in a directory chosen by the user, or it can be exported to an email at various points during a day, a week, or so. A combo of hotkeys can be set up in order to bring the main interface up, and a password can also be set to prevent other users from accessing the keylogger’s settings.

These security methods are designed to prevent users that might accidentally find the keylogger from shutting it down. The interface of the tool is pretty simple, and it provides options regarding what kind of data should be monitored. This way, not only keystrokes and mouse clicks can be exported to a log file, but also lists of visited websites, sent emails or instant messaging chatting sessions. Using such a tool represents a delicate matter but when it is required, it should be used with no hesitation, as it is distributed for free and it also manages to provide quality services.



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