Spiffy is a small application that is designed to help users who want to keep themselves updated with the latest emails they receive. The utility is designed to be used with Gmail accounts and it works pretty good, without having a large resource usage. The tool can do updates of email accounts without affecting the internet usage of the PC at all.

Spiffy has a rather simple interface which seems similar to a log file. While the app is ran, all of the major events will be displayed as a text line within the main window. This way, users can keep track of anything that happens on their email account without having to open a browser window. Within the settings of the app, a person will have to log into their Gmail account in order to sync it with the tool.

Spiffy allows users to configure the update rate of their accounts. They can choose if they want manual or automatic updates. If they choose automatic updates, they have the possibility to change the interval at which these updates are made. Visual and audible alerts are featured when new mails arrives and users can change the sound or the display mode of the notification to suit their needs.



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