SpellCheckPlus Pro

SpellCheck Pro is an online grammar checker that offers all the features and tools required for accurate proof reading. This grammar checker has many strengths. It highlights mistakes and offers suggestions to correct them, thus it helps in improving your grammar. SpellCheck Pro is interactive, so once the text is corrected you can review the suggested change at the bottom of the user interface and implement them manually by placing the cursor and typing them manually. This feature acts as a teaching tool.

For simplicity, the grammatical errors are highlighted in yellow whereas the spelling errors in red. You can check out the suggested changes by either seeing the grammar text window or by hovering the mouse on top of the errors that initiates a pop-up. Suppose two continuous error occur, SpellCheck Pro highlights the second one only after you have finished correcting the first. In this way, you can work through the entire text and learn more about grammar.

The summary of your mistakes are simplified into categories, and suggestions are given out to help you fix the error. SpellCheck Pro also gives suggestions to rephrase your writing and make it better. The online spell check component catches all spelling errors.



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