Spamihilator is an application with a powerful name and users should know that working with this app will provide them high quality results. Spam is a serious issue even if users have accounts on the most popular email services out there, because spam gets disguised better and better and the standard protection measures are not enough anymore. This app does everything it can in order to change the situation.

Spamihilator can be installed with ease and afterwards it can be integrated with various email accounts that a user might want protection for. After this is done, people can start by importing their address book in order to have the contacts permanently whitelisted, at least until a manual change is done to the list. On the other hand, a blacklist is also available and by making use of it, people can block various senders.

Spamihilator actively scans received emails in order to find spam content, such as specific keywords or even images that have such a character. Users can easily consult the main screen of the app in order to see daily reports about the spam emails that have been processed. They can also tune various settings in the options of the app to benefit from more or less aggressive filters.



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