Space Fights

If you have played and loved Galaxy Guard, then Space Fights is going to be one of your favorite games to play very soon. The premise and the game play of Space Fights is very similar to Galaxy Guard, and this makes it a very fun and entertaining game to play, your space has been attacked by aliens and your task is to make sure that your ship survives the attack. Your mission is not as simple as it sounds.

The aliens are completely powerful, and it will take some skill and ammunition to defeat and destroy them. There are different areas that you get to fly over in different levels and this keeps things interesting to play. There are also different commander ships that are trying to block and defeat you, and you must try and find a way to defeat them first.

There is a lot of variety in the weaponry and ammunition available to equip your ship, and the power-ups and bonuses that you find along the way will go a long way to help you accomplish your mission. Space Fights is a very fun and entertaining game to play for people of all ages. The graphics and sound effects add to the appeal of the game.

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