Sony Movie Studio Platinum

Sony Music Studio Platinum is a video editing software that provides all the required features for editing videos. It comes as a software package, but it houses much more than that. It not only includes a software for video editing, but it also comes with audio or Blu-ray editing tools. This software suite includes Sound Forge Audio Studio 10, DVD Architect Studio and Sony’s Movie Studio Platinum video editing softwares.

Sony Music Studio Platinum helps you to unleash your creative side and create videos using basic and advanced features to dress up each video. The software consists of tools that allow you to do simple trimming to advanced transitions and effects. All these can be achieved by using a simple drag-and-drop functionality, that makes it easy for to place the audio, video and images on to the timeline.

Sony Music Studio Platinum provides 500 hundred different transitions or effects for your videos and these effects can be summoned easily and quickly. It also allows you to create custom menus for DVDs and Blu-rays. The different formats supported by Sony Music Studio Platinum are: HDV, ACVHD, WMV, MP4, MPEG, DVD, Blu-ray Disk and much more. Overall, Sony Music Studio Platinum helps you to create fun videos quickly and easily.



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