Sonic 4 Episode II LITE

The Sonic 4 Episode II LITE is an excellent racing game developed by SEGA of America which will be loved by all. This is the sequel of Sonic 4 Saga which has the more of excitement and thrill. The story starts with the Metal Sonic who has returned to make a strong alliance with Dr Eggman. Metal Sonic has to face the new threat and defeat it by all means. You will have to help the Metal Sonic in his mission to win it successfully.

The episode II of Metal Sonic 4 is featured with all new engines which bring you the updated physical gameplay along with stunning graphics and sound effects. Your race will be in 4 new locations. You have to take down some gruesome badniks with fearful combination moves to make the end of the nefarious plan of the evil. You can make team with your friends to join the battle of Metal Sonic and Mr. Eggman.



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