SoliCall is a good utility that users can install in order to benefit from better sound quality while they use they use a VoIP app. These applications can sometimes experience issues related to the quality of the sound and not much can be done even by fine tuning the microphone. However, there are apps, just like the current one, which can be installed and easily configured for use.

SoliCall has a plain interface with just a few options available but they are all that a user might need. In the main toolbar there are a few accessible options and users can fine tune the app for general use. However, the more specific options are located on the main window and they are easy to understand.

SoliCall has two main volume sliders on the main window and each one can be adjusted in order to provide quality results to users that are participating in a voice call. Besides these, there are other three options. One of them shuts down the amplifier or turns it back on. The second one can be used to record the voice call and it will provide high quality results. The screen incoming feature can also be activated from within the main window.



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