Softcontrol Antivirus

Softcontrol Antivirus is a very efficient program when it comes to protecting the users’ system from any kind of spiteful programs. It can also be considered as a system analyzer. This software program is capable of eliminating viruses, rootkit sand malware on prior detection. The engine used for scanning is Clamav (GPL) which is a very fast one.

The real-time scan detects the new threats entering the system by any means. Softcontrol Antivirus also includes an extra registry scanner and a utility analyzer for monitoring the system. Softcontrol Antivirus is also very much light weight application as far as consuming the system resources is concerned, as CPU usage is minimal for its efficient functioning. While the program is running help for usages can also be found. This tool suits the best for users having appreciable knowledge about system files and Windows registry.

The latest version has improvements like; the signature update fixing is automatic. This option was used to be disabled automatically after the first scan was complete. Minimal amount of space is consumed by this application in the system drive in which it is to be installed. Windows 2003/XP/8/Vista; any of these named operation systems support Softcontrol Antivirus successfully.



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