The problem with most screen capture utility tools is that they either pack in too many features or do not sport even the basic ones necessary for any useful purpose. However, the users of the SnapShot screen capture application will be pleasantly surprised by the middle of the road approach adopted by it. This software packs in a range of tools and features without making it difficult for the users to handle.

The main interface of this utility tool contains a viewing area sporting the last few screen captures, as well as, few menus for the program’s settings across its top. This program provides its users with the option of capturing the entire screen by using the hot keys, or any part of it by selecting with the mouse. The users can then copy the captured image to the clipboard, send it to an image editor, or opt to email the image. Users can also upload it by using FTP.

The SnapShot software tool allows its users to customize its behavior in a number of ways. Thus, users can select a specific directory for the program to automatically save captured images, hide the taskbar button, and denote the default image editor. This excellent utility tool can save captured images in seven different formats, and installs of any Windows computer with utmost ease.



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