SnapPea is an easy to use file manager which allows Android users to benefit from various tools in order to synchronize content between their phones and the computer. The interface is lightweight but it is also a pleasure to work with as it is carefully designed with minimalist designs and nice shades of green. Users just have to connect their phone to the computer via a USB connection or WiFi to get started.

As they do this, SnapPea will identify the phone in a matter of seconds and user will then be able to do various tasks. The contact list can be transferred to the computer as a backup measure and other contacts can be created from right within the tool. Messages can also be copied into the computer and if the user needs to, he can write and send new ones from the computer.

SnapPea also provides media management features having a previewer tool built-in. This way, users can listen to a tune that is in the phone with the aid of the app’s player. Images can also be viewed by simply clicking on them. Application packages can be forwarded to the phone and then installed on it, when the prompt appears.



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