Smash Bandits Racing

Smash Bandits Racing for PC is a thrilling android game. You are the bandit escaping the clutches of law enforcement authorities represented by Sheriff McBride and his deputies who are chasing you relentlessly. You have to stay ahead of them and reach the state line to escape them. You can take any route you get to race on and even smash objects on the way. Your maneuvers are being monitored by the TV chopper hovering overhead. The faster you escape and the more objects you smash the more points you earn. With higher points you can purchase better cars including the fastest car on the planet, the Hennessey Venom GT, and leave the Sheriff far behind in the race. You can also get car upgrades, and gadgets for your car such as singer-proof tires, tank and the stunning car taser. With one finger control, ability to speed, drift and spin your car and various other features this is a very popular android game around.

With BlueStacks emulator installed in your computer you can play Smash Bandits Racing for PC in your PC.



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