SmartCodeStudio software is an easy to use and download software for the Windows Platform that allows the user to Generate label designs, create bar codes and print the results thereof. This is a software used by a great majority of designers both industrial as well as personal. Its uses vary from creating unique bar codes for a highly specific product to a label design for a mundane brand.

SmartCodeStudio supports both 1D & 2D barcodes along with this is heaps on accuracy and quality, which help industry-designers to creators to make readily recognizable labels. It can also be used as a reference software, which as it has a large database of label designs and SmartCodeStudio, allows the user to add new designs to its database by using the SmartCodeStudio Label Manager. SmartCodeStudios also permits the user access to a large variety of other databases like MS Access, MS Excel, Fox Pro, debase, etc, which allow the user to create unique bar codes for the labels.

SmartCodeStudio allows the user to have a high end view of their creation and have full control of all the features of their creation including text, rich text, bar codes, graphics, etc. Finally when the job is done and a print is required, SmartCodeStudio provides the user with a dialog box to enter data about the printing process.



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