SmartBroker is software commonly used by the Print Brokers all over the world. It is basically used to estimate programs. It is a sales tool based on the web application for the print brokers. It was developed keeping the viewers and users in mind. The software is 100% custom-made to make it easy and applicable for the business personnel to conduct their business in the market. An unlimited number of clients, vendors or other printers and services may be introduced by the print broker. It is a system used to create, manage as well as share the sales listings by the print brokers.

The layout of the software is made by keeping the print brokers in mind. It can be used by just a “point and click” to ensure the modern broker to quickly add stocks of papers and other services to the running program. Retyping is not required once the program is entered. This rule is also applicable for the clients and vendors as well. The print broker can select the services, products, vendors as well as clients quickly by using the popup menus. Thus, SmartBroker is a true means of time saver for the print brokers.

The layout of the SmartBroker was made only after true understanding of the cross platform nature of most of the print brokers working in the market. The software SmartBroker is available with the Macintosh versions and the Windows versions. It is simple but very powerful tool to generate mores sales for the business and earn more commission as well.




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