SlimCleaner is a freeware application that is pretty powerful and users who will use it will definitely praise its qualities. The computer can be fully optimized in order to provide a performance peak that lasts as long as constant system scans are performed. Cloud features are new to applications, but this tool is already making good use of them, as the built-in app that is similar to an antivirus has a cloud stored database that is constantly updated. The updates come not only from developers, but also from users that encounter different threats, maximizing the coverage of system threats.

Community Ratings is another good feature of the tool and while being connected to the Internet, the user will be able to see the importance and the threat level of each application that is installed on the computer. The tool uses reviews of users in order to color code the locally installed applications and this way, every person can find out what is threatening to his computer. The uninstall feature is also nicely done, with robust settings that allow a user to completely wipe a tool from his computer.

Other powerful features include even the interface, which is nicely designed to provide quick access to all of the main tools, that have buttons located on a sidebar. The Help menu is probably one of the most comprehensive that one could access, as he can connect with his Facebook account to the online community to request live answers from fellow members. SlimCleaner manages to take care of a number of critical aspects that regard the computer, such as Registry cleaning, disk defragmentation or back-ups. These can be achieved within a few mouse clicks, as the processes are mainly automated. The Analyze button will perform a complete scan of the computer that uses every tool in the bundle.



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