SiteGrinder is a Photoshop plugin intended to work with various templates and transform them into fully workable designs for websites. This utility, if used correctly, can save people hours of work as they have the possibility to quickly configure the settings they want used after they import a template and have the plugin work by itself.

SiteGrinder is designed to also optimize the resulting web designed. Duplicate images are not copied again, only linked to, and layers are also merged when the option is possible. Users need to create a design that is built upon layers so that the plugin can edit it and transform it into a website design. However, multiple elements can be added within a single layer, if needed, in order to avoid having too many layers and face management issues.

SiteGrinder can identify various types of elements of the new website design and users can edit each one individually, such as the background. Other effects can be added onto the elements, when needed. Multimedia elements can also be integrated into the template with the aid of the app and users can link to such content from other places on the internet. The style of various text areas can be converted correctly by the app in order to preserve its aspect.

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