Share Calendar for Outlook

Share Calendar for Outlook is all about calendar sharing. The calendars along with the necessary events and reminders can be shared by others both online and offline. The sharing can be done without a server. This software enables the users to share the details both from Outlook and also from other applications of Office.

Share Calendar for Outlook also helps the user to create different folders for different group of people. It can also synchronize the Outlook items that are already shared. The interface of the program is full with many types of features, functions and options to enable the user a smooth working on a single click. This tool also provides a help file for the users to understand the interface and the options provided on the interface to work in an easy way. Share Calendar for Outlook is easy to be downloaded and again gets installed without any difficulty.

When the share folder is updated by the user, the Share Calendar program automatically gets updated along with the calendars of all the users who are subscribed. This application goes under regular upgradations. This software works well with the operating system of Windows XP and also with Windows Vista. It has also the compatibility with the operating system of Windows 7 and Windows 8.



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