Shadow Keylogger

Key loggers play an important role because they have the capability to record each and every stokes that are pressed with the help of a virtual keyboard. A number of key loggers are available in the market, but Shadow Keylogger is piece of key logger that comes with a lot of additional options to accomplish this purpose.

The software does not start with a new interface each time it starts. As a result of it, the unauthorized users will never be able to understand that a key logger is installed within the system. The software keeps all the keystrokes in a log file and the first entry in the log file is the last key pressed with a keyboard. The stealth mode provides an option to run the program in a way without leaving any kind of traces in the system. The keystrokes are reserved in an encoded format as a result of which, one cannot understand the contents easily. When they are required, users can decode them to see the contents.

The software comes with a help file which provides a wide amount of information about each and every tool within the program. The software runs seamlessly on all Windows versions without other requirements.

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