Sentry Total Family Protection

Sentry Total Family Protection is not just another parental control application providing average features, but a unique product allowing parents total supervision over and control of their children’s computer and online activity. With the help of Sentry parents can get to know which websites their children visit, which online games and applications they indulge in or their each IM (instant message) conversation and take necessary measure if they deem something inappropriate. Children cannot evade the parental eyes while spending time online once the parents employ Sentry.

Sentry Total Family Protection is a client-server based product, focusing on protecting the children and other family members from visiting unsuitable websites or making dubious connections by means of IM and other methods. The settings and logs are manageable through the manufacturer’s online control panel. They user have to register before downloading the executable set-up file. Besides monitoring children’s internet activity, parents can also restrict time for their online activity or using computer with the help of Sentry. They can even control the children’s keyboard and mouse, file-transferring and reboot their PC from anywhere.

Sentry allows the parents to select elements which they consider inappropriate and on this basis blacklists certain websites. If the children approach these blacklisted websites, it warns them as well as reports that to the parents. It can show the parents screenshots of the PC. If Sentry finds an unsuitable word in the children’s IM chat, it is substituted with an asterisk or totally blocked. It does not automatically block the sites, letting the parents determine the necessary step. Overall, it is a very useful parental control application.



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