Screamer Radio

Screamer Radio is an application designed for users who want to listen to radio stations directly on their computer. Radios are not that popular anymore even though the stations are still quite listened to. This is because users are switching to more convenient solutions, such as the current app which provides a multitude of functions.

Screamer Radio has a really simple interface and all of its main functions are grouped in different tabs in the upper area of the main window. Users can find and listen to thousands of radio stations around the world and the app provides a powerful search engine so that the favorite station can be found within seconds. Users can sort the radio stations based on country and genre so that the lists are much shorter than the master one.

Screamer Radio is able to make use of multiple sound cards if they are available. Podcasts are also compatible with the tool and users can easily listen to their favorite ones. Recording is available, too, and users can export the files in multiple formats, preserving the high quality of the sound. The app’s small interface can also be completely hidden so that it can run in the background while providing all of the features that the user requires.



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