Sagemcom NetGuru

Those who wish to acquire a dedicated home network system can now plan for having the globally known home network program Sagemcom NetGuru, an innovative product from the French techno group Sagemcom. Both end users as well as broadband service providers can avail the benefits of NetGuru.

This Windows-based desktop software offers a simplified navigating dashboard that is most precise, and boasts of an easy to understand interface. Together, these would help you to access multiple tools to generate reports, save network diagram and fix connections. This basic screen is the place to observe a network record, share files, generate wireless connection while controlling printers, save and restore network settings. Make best use of the wizard to oversee the configuration and status of other connected systems and tools whilst the software helps you in analyzing the arrangements, identifying and repairing of problems in networking.

This new generation network program undergoes an auto-self-discovery and detection process to ensure if any device attached has lost its network connection. The mechanism is designed with visual indicators in different colors helping users to determine the connection status of the nodes. Upon installation of a new machine, by default the program gathers all information, prepares complete record (including its version number) to determine if the program can support the device. The Computer Details panel exhibits details of software status report, which is extremely beneficial to determine if any software is outdated. All this makes it a handy software worthy of being laid hands upon.



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