SafenSoft SysWatch Personal

SafenSoft SysWatch Personal is software designed for working alongside or replacing Microsoft Security Essentials or any other security software dependent on signature for providing comprehensive security to the system in which it is installed. This is done by the combinational approach of sandboxing, whistling and also techniques of behavioral analysis for keeping the malwares and any outsider program away from the computer. Windows XP/Vista/7, any of these three operating systems provide successful support to SafenSoft SysWatch Personal. The file size of the installer is 62.64 megabytes. There are both free to try and paid versions available of SafenSoft SysWatch Personal. The free persion has a trial period of 30 days.

There is no loss of system performance while the scanning commences as this is very light on the resources. After the creation of system profile and application register of a trusted user, Syswatch scans and prevents any unknown programs from executing by controlling the behavior of the system. This makes the protection of the whole system easy. The known-good state of the system is well maintained by this software by preventing hacking and phishing attacks.

SafenSoft SysWatch Personal does not need any database containing the signatures of viruses as here the detection is not based on the individual identity of the malicious programs. This is not a traditional antivirus program but still is very much capable of providing reliable security to the system. The latest version of SafenSoft SysWatch Personal has an improved automatic adjust feature, script execution control, and blocking of DLL hijacking.




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