Rufus BitTorrent Client

Rufus BitTorrent Client is based upon the G3 Torrent and is a very powerful, efficient utility for file transfer and sharing. You can use the utility for uploading and downloading data from various online sources. The user interface is very similar to that of any other bitTorrent client and this is what makes it easy to use even for novice users. The app lets you add a new torrent from an URL or file and create a torrent once you add folders and files and set the options. The program provides various information about any torrent like progress, size, seen copies, priority, tracker URL, upload/download ratio, average progress, etc. You can toggle a tab panel and splitter and also check information about the torrent status, details about peers and transfers, graph of progress, log file, friends, search engine, RSS reader.

The app lets you use a multi file torrent manager for selecting the order of downloading in case any torrent has multiple files and also configure the connection and completion options, rate and other settings for each torrent. It is a lightweight application and provides impressive speed and performance. A p2p program worth giving a try!



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