RSS Bandit

RSS Bandit is an application that can be used by users who want to keep updated about the latest posts on their favorite websites. The tool works as a news aggregator and there are a lot of features which make it really useful. Users have the possibility to add lots of feeds into the app and see the updates as soon as they are available.

RSS Bandit has a simple interface which is split into three columns. Each of these columns contains a series of different elements. The leftmost one has a simple list where users can create categories in order to better sort their favorite feeds. The next column allows users to see the titles of the latest articles published on the selected website. They can read any of these articles by selecting it and it will be displayed in the last column.

RSS Bandit allows users to work with RSS feeds and export them in the form of a database file. This file can be later imported on another device in order to have the contents synchronized with ease. The utility can be set to update the feeds at certain time intervals but users can also refresh them manually.



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