RSE Tools

RSE Tools is an application that provides support for working with Rapidshare links but it is also compatible with other file sharing websites. These websites are not so friendly to free users and it is quite difficult to download a file, as there are waiting times and CAPTCHA codes to complete. However, such a utility can get rid of these elements and it can automate its job, even with tens of links at once.

RSE Tools has a list that works as a queue for file sharing links. They can be added directly within the app and the tool will take care of them at its own pace. However, this pace can be changed as users can set up the number of times the app should try and download a link and the number of minutes of waiting time between two retries or two links.

RSE Tools allows users to configure the download folder where files should be saved. The saved files can be accessed by double clicking a certain link within the queue. Users can see which files have been downloaded by checking the Status column. Here, projects appear either as active, downloaded or blocked, if the tool encountered an error.

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