Rhapsody has been a popular program that helps the music lovers to visit any online music store of their choice and to subscribe to it. This is a preferred way of getting the best quality music that every music lover just loves to do. This high-quality software is available for a minor cost of US$9.99 but this is available only for the music lovers in the United States of America. This software is extremely easy to understand and operate and that is why it can be used smoothly by experienced users and beginners.

The users can protect their software with the help of their own user name and password. It allows them to set their own user name and password right at the time of buying and downloading the software. Installation of Rhapsody is not difficult at all. This software also requires the users to install Yahoo toolbar as it is technical requirement for the software. Rhapsody works well with all operating systems of Windows.

Rhapsody has opened an exciting world of music in front of the users. They can play music directly from the online music stores. They can even make their playlists and transfer or share with their iPhones or iPads. However, correct evaluation of this software is not possible due to some shortcomings. Its availability in the USA only is certainly a limitation. However, the popularity of Rhapsody is quite good in the country with more than 46,000 downloads recorded from different parts of the United States only.


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