Revo Uninstaller

Revo Uninstaller is a tool that makes the classic Windows uninstaller obsolete, as it provides a number of features that are not existent in the standard feature of the operating system. Over time, this function has not been improved, thus users might need third party solutions such as this application in order to completely uninstall various applications from their computers. Revo provides a free app that can also be upgraded for more functionality, but the average user will be able to make use of the standard application with no problems at all.

Upon launching the tool, the user will directly be able to see the uninstall list, but the application will take some time until it scans the whole computer for installed applications. Unlike the standard feature in the operating system, this one finds every installed app and offers the possibility of uninstalling it without problems. The list view can be changed to offer more details about the tools. Revo, however, offers multiple choices upon right clicking on a tool, and it even allows users to update certain applications – the software application will connect to the internet and try to find the latest update for the selected tool.

However, this application also cleans up the Registry as programs are uninstalled and prevents the user from running another application in order to achieve this. Gradually, Revo Uninstaller has become a tweaking tool that offers multiple features which allow the general user to better maintain his computer. The Junk File Finder and Killer is a nice feature of the tool that allows users to perform a full scan of the computer and find the mentioned junk files that have been left behind by certain applications or downloads. This way, a lot of computer space can be freed up within a few minutes.



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