Restrictions Remover .PDF

Restrictions Remover .PDF is an application that allows users to work with PDF files and remove various restrictions that might be imposed onto them. The tool can be configured within seconds and most of the process is automated. Users just have to provide the files and then choose an output folder for the newly created documents. The rest is taken care of by the app within seconds.

Restrictions Remover .PDF allows users to load the PDF documents into the queue with the aid of the drag and drop feature. This way, they have the possibility to add one or more documents at the same time and they can even select a whole folder. The PDF files will be loaded as fast as possible within the list and users can sort them based on different factors, such as the file size or the name. Then, the only thing that users have to do before starting the removal of restrictions is to provide an output folder.

Restrictions Remover .PDF can remove passwords from both owners and users and it is able to reinstate all of the permissions that a PDF document usually has. This way, printing or editing a document can be achieved again after the output file is created or the original one is overwritten.



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