Remote-Anything is an application that provides support to users who need to control other computers or even servers over the internet or over a local area network. This utility has to be installed on both computers and afterwards, users can login to the target computer by using its credentials. The password is automatically generated each time the app starts for increased security measures.

Remote-Anything has a series of useful features for users. Its main buttons are located in the upper toolbar and users can easily access each one. Inside the options screen, there are options related to the number of colors that should be displayed in relation to the internet connection. Lower speed internet users should rely on lower color depths, for example.

Remote-Anything provides a virtual environment in which users can access all of the features of the target computer. The mouse and the keyboard are fully functional and keyboard shortcuts can be forwarded towards the target PC. Users also have the option to transfer files between the two devices. This peer to peer connection is easy to use and reliable; it only requires the master user to drag and drop a file from one desktop to the other, as it works both ways.



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