Redshift 7 Premium

Redshift 7 Premium is a high quality astronomy software. This software offers several guided tours along our galaxy, other galaxies and outer space. Its database is updated regularly keeping in check with any new findings in the astronomical world.

The software offers 3D flights and lets the user experience the outer space in a manner that they think they are travelling by themselves. The software also takes the user to the location of their choices and lets them experience the place firsthand. It also has a powerful telescope control that lets the user integrate the live findings with the telescopic details. This telescope control is compatible with most of the robotic telescopes in the world. If the user points and focuses at a star cluster, the software opens an application that tells them everything about the star. A cool feature of this software is the integration of Google Maps. It helps the user pinpoint the exact location based on the coordinates entered. Redshift 7 Premium’s observation planner lets the user plan his day-to-day observation and gives them a detailed analysis of the skies.

They have a Facebook, Twitter and a Youtube page to interact with their users. You can also interact, share pictures, observations and findings with fellow observers on their live chat page on the online forum.



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