Real Time Desktop Currency Converter

If you are looking for a basic currency converting program, then Real Time Desktop Currency Converter is the perfect solution for you. Users of this software can convert between numbers of different currencies. Though this program does not have many features but it is able to convert quickly in real time.

The interface of this program is simple, attractive and uncluttered. You can use the drop down menus. You can select any two currencies that you wish to convert among the 51 choices. The amount of the original currency needs to be entered in the software and the conversion will be shown by the program after you click the Convert option. The conversion rate is also shown by this program and it is able to show the change from the previous day. It has already been said that this little application is short of features and that’s it. It does not have any other feature and no Help file also.

The only beef of this program is the link “Powered by the Forex Trading Bot” at the bottom of the interface. If you click on this link, it will take you to a sketchy looking Web site and there an animated voice will tell you how robots can make money for you without doing any work for the low price of $99.5. Apart from this annoying feature, there is no advertisement link in this program. Without issues you can install and uninstall it and can enjoy its conversion feature.

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