Real Boxing

Real Boxing for PC is a thrilling game of boxing originally designed for android device. You can take on boxers and employ all the boxing skills like real boxers. Fight against 3D opponents and get blood and sweat of opponents flying with your cuts, jabs and punches like in real life. You can play in famed boxing arenas like Las Vegas, Roman Colloseum, Red Square in Moscow etc. You can bet virtual currency for your fighters and even buy lottery tickets to boost your status. Train your fighters with skipping ropes, bags etc and make them resilient. You can even take part in weekly bouts and win real boxing merchandise, unlock new equipments, customized clothing and new opponents. With 3D boxers fighting like real boxers with unique styles, realistic injury marks, a roaring crowd, hundreds of hours of play, original fighting rules, and opportunity to win big in weekly tournaments this game is an immersive and very popular android game.

To play Real Boxing for PC you need to install BlueStacks app player. You can access the game through this utility and enjoy.



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