Rdex is also a special type of information storing and organizing tool, which can be used to store almost any information of your liking. Through the different cardfile database integration, Rdex can store up unlimited amount of information of just about any type of information that you might require again. This free from cardfile database integration can store and retrieve data on just simple few clicks and can be a real time storage program. All your contacts, log-in data and even recipes can be stored.

While providing you with easy to use data storage and retrieval involvement, this Rdex software can be a real friend in remembering several different types of information in just one place. Online log-in counter-forms, phone numbers, contacts with e-mail id and address and any type of information, which is in a written format, can be stored. The main feature of this software is to let you handle all this information easily by quick data retrieval process while you use a powerful search engine built within the software. While you enter a keyword for searching, this software will provide you the access for all the different information cards, which have the exactly same keywords.

Without the involvement of any fancy fonts or fancy features, this particular Rdex software delivers the easiest and the most efficient way of retrieving data from your hard disk with a certain keyword. This software also does not involve any procurement for dialogue box or command menu. All you have to do is copy and paste information which are in a written format on to the Rdex information cards.



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