Racing Dossier

Racing Dossier is a software to help the regular person placing bets on horses to place better bets like a professional placing bets on horses. The software does not rely on tips and schemes instead it uses simple mathematics to use winning and placing trends of horses to tell the user which would be the best horse to place a bet on. Often these software help the user make money on almost all the bets they place. This tool use simple statistical probability to predict winning patterns of a particular stag.

Depending on the version of the application, the user is buying the software will be pre loaded with 200 to 400 ratings that have been developed by professionals. One interesting facets of the software is that it will upgrade itself when connected to the internet to get a new and updated set of ratings to help the user predict better winning patterns both in case of standings and horses.

When it comes to compatibility, the application will work on Windows Operating Systems. This is one of the most popularly used software for betting and can be easily downloaded by the user on the internet and the best part being that the software can be used to make money for free!

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