QuizUp for PC is the best trivia app there is! This is a real-time quiz game, where users can challenge other users from around the world to compete at a game of quiz. There are more than 300,000 questions, and there are more than 500 topics, which range from sports, cars, logos, ancient history and popular culture. There are new topics as well which are updated every week. You can check which player is how far up on the leader boards and you can keep playing till you reach the top as well.

The best part about this app is that, it even covers trivia questions on popular TV shows, both from the past and the present ones. There are quizzes on books as well, and of course, there are endless questions of movies. Movies are of many genres, and you will find quizzes here from every genre. There are additional topics as well, such as science, business, nature, geography, education, art, etc. Users can submit their own suggestions for topics and questions as well with this app!



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