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A computer is a multi-tasking device and is used for a number of purposes. Thus using it for a number of purposes can make them run slow or with reduced performance. Thus, maintaining the computer is always necessary to keep up its performance. But doing that manually without the aid of any software can be tough. But Puran Utilities is a software that will help the user in this perspective.

This program provides the user with 20 performance boosters within a solitary package. It provides the system with utility programs which include defragger, system startup manager, Registry cleaner and that too with file utilities which consist of a duplicate file finder, permanent deleting algorithm, and also a file recovery utility. Not only had the utilities mentioned above, there are a number of speed boosters packed inside the program, also. Defragmenter is also provided with the software that helps in removing the hard disk fragments and crosslinks which can enhance the hard drive’s performance.

The software also has a wizard that helps in accomplishing the maintenance process so that the user do not forget to optimize any part.
The software has an easy user interface and easy readable sentences so that the users do not face any problems to make out the tasks of each tool. Puran Utilities run on all the versions of Windows without any issues.



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