This software is a security scanner especially for windows. On being installed the first thing it does is to look for viruses. It will track down and get rid of viruses that already exist on your computer. In case there aren’t any viruses on your system it checks your security system for gaps. These gaps in your security are most often the cause for your PC getting affected. This is not just a security tool but also very educational.

This application will educate you about the elementary features of your PC’s security. Once you know the basics of security better you will be more adept at dealing with security breaches. The software is super-fast and scans and updates happen at lightning fast speed. It does not slow down your system or the other programs running on your computer. It takes hardly about three minutes to run a scan saving a bulk of your time. The report that the scan will result in covers various areas. The first thing you get to know from the scan is the level of risk to your data.

The scan also gives you a list of websites. These are the sites that you may have visited and that potentially harmed your PC. It is an intelligent option to keep away from these sites in future. You will also be given a suggestion regarding which important security control you need to enable. These security controls once enabled will undoubtedly keep your PC safe. You will be shown a graph of the scores of your scan plotted historically. This will give you a more comprehensive idea.



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