Proofpoint is designed to provide industry-specific solutions by policy-based email encryption. It also provides spam filtering and email archiving. This email encryption software supports for gateway policy-based encryption, user intiated one-click encryption and SaaS. Proofpoint gives power to the employees of your company when it comes to making final encryption decisions. There are several policy-based filters that determine what requires encryption. The user can configure the initiation of encryption based on the user ID, domain, group ID or message content.

For trusted recipients, Proofpoint transmits the message in the simplest possible way, like a secure TLS connection. In this case, Proofpoint acts in the background taking care of encryption/decryption while the sender and the receiver just use email-services in a standard manner. Configuring policies are made easy using a graphical interface that assists you in building corporate policies.

You can deploy Proofpoint in the simplest manner using it as a SaaS. This reduces the workload for your team and also reduces the resource requirements. Proofpoint is compatible with most types of emails including Outlook, Lotus and Gmail. It also keeps the desktops and mobile phones secure. Overall, this software is best suitable for large organizations like hospitality, healthcare, education etc. All this makes it a worthy try.



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