Program Icon Changer

Program Icon Changer is an application that simplifies the task of changing an application’s icon. Windows has a really basic feature of this kind and users need to go through multiple screens until they can successfully change the icon but this is not the case with the current utility. The app can be installed quickly and afterwards, users can work on changing the app icons.

Program Icon Changer has a database which contains a sufficient number of icons, including the classic Windows ones, but these might not be enough for users. Because of these, there is the option to easily add more images into the database and have them saved for later use. The actual icon changing process is quite simple and requires just two steps before the new icon will be displayed.

Firstly, Program Icon Changer requires users to choose the application or folder they want the icon changed for. Then, users can backup the current icon and they can save it for later use. Then, users have to browse to the desired icon and select it for the app. After this is also done, users can hit the Change button and the new icon will appear directly, without the need of a reboot.

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