ProcessKO is an extended task manager for your Windows system. This simple tool is designed to help you in situations where you find that the standard task manager is not able to close a program or process which has crashed. This app is a more powerful version of the task manager and it can kill those stubborn processes which will not go away easily. This utility resides silently in the system tray and whenever you are in trouble, you simply need to click the icon. It displays a comprehensive list of processes running at any time and lets you choose the ones you want to close.

Any programs you select will be instantly closed by the app even if it is impossible any other way. Not only this, it learns what processes are regularly causing you problems. Using this information, it allows an instant access to those programs which frequently crash the system and kill them instantly without any procedure required. Another good thing about the tool is that it is portable and can be run from even an USB stick. This makes it an ideal choice for system administrators who require going around checking blocked computers.

A better alternative to the Windows task manager!



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