Process Revealer

Process Revealer is a Windows utility for checking the active processes on the system at any time. If you feel that your PC is running slower than before, the reason can be some unauthorized processes working in the background. This is an indication that something is wrong with your Windows. This is where the program comes handy. Firstly, you need to analyze the running processes accurately and this tool helps well with it. It is better than the standard task manager in that it displays a detailed list of currently active system processes including those hidden ones too.

Each entry in the list not only displays the name of the process and the path but also a short description and the developer name. This detailed information can help you detect suspicious processes running on your computer and thereby identify potential attacks. An impressive component is the ability to end any process any time, deleting its correspondent files. Another good thing is that each entry displays its own icon making it easier to identify.

Get a detailed view of the currently active processes on your system with this simple, effective utility!

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