Prevx offers clean up services to any users’ system. It keeps on monitoring the system and after tracing down any harmful virus, spyware, or any other spiteful program it eliminates that from the system. The interface of Prevx is very much professional and that is the reason why it’s built is very much plain and simple. It consists of a small collection of frequently used commands. The need of “Help” is never felt as the interface is very much intuitive in itself. The file size of the installer is around 768.55 kilobytes. The free trial version has a complimentary period of 30 days. The same software application can also be bought for extending the use on prior payment. Windows 98/2000/XP/2003/Vista/Server 2008/7; any of the operating systems mentioned here comfortable support Prevx.

The computer system can be successfully scanned with just one click. Each issue faced is listed in the post scan report depicting whther any spyware was found or not, or the level of threat that any program proposed. If anything suspicious or questionable arises then a pop-up feature is present giving a warning message. There was no problem is reading or deleting any offences found by Prevx in the system.

There are a few functionalities available exclusively for the paid version. The scanning and layout is appreciable.The main highlight of the free version of Prevx was the detection of MBR rootkit/adware removal. This software is very much efficient as it was promised from the manufacturers and proves evry stand that it claims.



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