Pretty Park Cleaner

Pretty Park Cleaner is software specially designed for detecting and removing Pretty Park virus present in the computer. The main work of a Pretty Park worm or virus is to invade the privacy of the system’s user. The size of the installer to be downloaded from the internet is somewhere around 708.01 kilobytes. No payment is involved for the use Pretty Park Cleaner as it is a freeware. Windows 2000 is an operating system compatible with this software. A few previous versions are also compatible with this program.

There is a basic working structure of Pretty Park worm. By the phrase “invading the privacy” means after an interval of 30 seconds it automatically emails itself to all the addresses entered in the contact book of Microsoft Outlook. It is seen at times that it also connects the machine to any arbitrary customer IRC (Internet Reality Chat) which actually intends to crack the passwords from the respective system. The .exe file of Pretty Park virus arrives in the email as an attachment; on double clicking the attachment the PrettyPark.exe infects the system.

The use of Pretty Park Cleaner is very easily understandable. It automatically uninstalls itself from the system after the completion of the job. It displays the list of the email addresses that have been already mailed with the virus. This software does not consistently protect the system from any further attack, but surely ensures 100% protection when installed.




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