Power Favorites

Power Favorites is an application that provides support for users who need to organize bookmarks. The utility is useful because it can grab bookmarks from every browser installed on the computer in order to keep them all in a centralized location with quick access to every link. The database can be synced between browsers and the app and backwards, too, in order to add new links.

Power Favorites has a simple interface in which the main area is split between a tree list and a content window. The tree list is used to easily organize all of the bookmarks. Users will have folders for each browser, but they can choose to merge all of these into a single folder. Then, they can start sorting bookmarks based on their content and they can create one or multiple categories. The search function can easily provide results even if large numbers of bookmarks have to be scanned for certain content.

Power Favorites can create a portable file which contains all of the bookmarks. This is useful because the bookmark database can be added onto a USB flash drive and later imported and managed on a new device. Because of the integrated simple browser within the utility, users do not have to open a new browser window in order to launch a bookmark.



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