Portable Driver Magician

Portable Driver Magician is a utility which provides a quick and useful service for users that have to work with their drivers. Users might want to create a driver backup especially before a Windows installation, as manually downloading each driver afterwards is a tedious task that quickly becomes annoying. This way, users can keep their stable driver versions and use them further after the OS is re-installed.

Portable Driver Magician does not require an installation process and it can be placed on a USB flash drive for better portability. The backed up files can then be automatically saved in the same location as the utility but users can also specify a certain path. The backup process is simple to understand. The tool will firstly scan the system for hardware and its according drivers and it will provide users a complete list.

Then, users can fill in the check boxes of the drivers they want backed up and Portable Driver Magician will do its job quickly. The resulting backups can be stored until further use. The application also provides support for restoring the saved drivers and this will take another few more minutes. In the end, a system reboot will be required for the drivers to be fully configured.



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