POP Peeper

Users who possess multiple email accounts are bound to be familiar with the kind of effort that goes into maintaining all of them, especially if those accounts are from different email service providers. However, they can now feel at ease with the advent of the POP Peeper email utility software that allows its users to handle multiple email accounts with the greatest of efficiency. This software application enables its users to set up, as well as, manage a number of email accounts from one location.

The POP Peeper email utility software provides its users with an interface that is extremely uncluttered to enable them to respond to emails in a whole variety of manners. Users can create emails or respond to the incoming ones with the help of a Tool bar that is fully customizable. This software provides sufficient user guidance to enable the users to set up email accounts on almost all the leading email providers such as Gmail, Yahoo, and Hotmail.

The POP Peeper email utility software activates the Automatic Mail Check features by default to intimate the users whenever a new email comes into any of their registered email accounts. The software presents a notification icon, which the users can modify to add sound or other details regarding the sender of the sender and the subject of the incoming email. Users can check their emails, run the email client, or open the program by clicking the Tray Icon. Thus, this email utility software can be the perfect tool for carrying out all the tasks necessary for managing multiple email accounts.



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