PolyView is an interesting tool that works with various images that come in different file formats in order to allow users to convert these files for later use. Multiple file formats are available on nowadays computers and each of them has its own advantages and disadvantages. Such a tool allows users to easily convert files in order for people to use them as they need to without fearing that BMP files are too large, for example.

One of PolyView’s powerful feature is the printing one, which enables users to print high quality photos after defining every setting they need to. Moreover, multiple images can be printed on a single page after they are resized and rearranged with the aid of this app. If a user needs to convert multiple files at once, he will be able to do so without manually starting each process. Batch conversions are available and the job will be done fast.

When rotating JPG images, they lose quality, but PolyView has a feature that does not allow this to happen, providing lossless rotations. There are also a lot of tools available for editing photos and besides filters and effects, users can also remove red eyes and chromatic aberrations to have a high quality print afterwards.



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