Police Vs Thief

If you ever dreamed of being a police officer in your childhood, Polic Vs Thief is a must try for you! The game is made to give its players a chance to become the proud representatives of the justice and order. Some types of police are really very impressive like the traffic police and this game of police car is equally impressive and interesting. In this game, you are a police officer and your job is to chase the thieves across the city. You need to use your power and skills to catch the thief, bursting his car into pieces. This running game is aimed at providing an innovative exciting experience to its players.

The game requires that you catch the thief within a time limit before he can escape. Chase his car and try blocking it in turns. But you need to take care of pedestrians and traffic too. Being a cop, you can not hurt civilians or cause damage to any other vehicles. You, like a detective, will have to anticipate the thief’s movements and he proves to be comparatively clever. Using your police car, it is possible to create dramatic impact and accidents on the way for the thief to stop, you can also shoot and even share with Replay video function. Download the game now and enjoy 30 levels of excitement and challenge being what you always wanted to!

The game features a lively town where you play and the graphics quality is quite impressive. This makes the game highly realistic and you will be engaged into it for hours together trying to chase and catch the thief. The game is now available for play on PC with BlueStacks for free! Try it today!

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