Plone is a freely distributed CMS, or a content management system. In other words, this application can be installed on one’s computer but it can provide the user with online support so that he can manage a website in all its aspects. The tool can work in all the areas of website administration, starting from FTP uploads to delivering the final product to readers.

Plone has a simple interface so that users can find the needed elements quickly. There is the possibility to switch between different features of the tool by accessing the tabs provided for quick access. Thus, users can instantly switch from a FTP upload process to a blog post screen. The FTP connection can be established if the user provides the username and password combination for the server. Then, he is free to upload and download files from it. He can also directly edit various files with the aid of a built-in text editor.

Plone provides access to a series of free designs which can be used for one’s website and there is the possibility to create a unique one, starting from the available ones. The tool will ensure that all of the pages used on the website are correctly built and displayed and it will optimize them for search engines.



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